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Hi, I’m Katie or Cattleya Jaruthavee if you're feeling adventurous.  I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and struggled to find the support that I needed so decided to become an ADHD Coach to help myself, my neurospicy family and others.


As a child, I never understood why it took me ten times longer than others to learn the same thing or why I could not tackle something until everything was perfect.  (Anyone else have a stack of unfinished notebooks and still keep buying new ones?  Don’t worry, so do I :)


After my diagnosis, I understood that there is no set way to complete tasks and that we all have different brains that require different forms of support.  I even offer walking coaching for those who process better moving! 

I’m also a Mum and fully understand the complexities of managing your own adult life as well as supporting your kids.


If you struggle to meet deadlines, make time for yourself or often procrastinate, I’m here to coach you through the overwhelm and support you through your journey. 

Time zone: Bangkok, Thailand (+7 GMT)

Cross time zone sessions: Yes

Remote sessions: Yes

On-site talks: Yes

Work, home and study environment consultations: Yes




Please feel free to reach out if... have ADHD and need support have ADHD-like symptoms and would like to know more about ADHD struggle with deadlines or getting to appointments on time. zone out frequently have trouble processing information have family members who have ADHD and you would like to know how they can be supported are a school, company or organization and would like to bring more information about ADHD to your community

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